How to build a free website for a small business

If you are the owner of a small local business and if you like to have a website, you come to the right place now. Question is how to build a free website for a small business? There are tons of choices for you, hiring a professional web developer and have everything done for you(DFY) or everything do it yourself(DIY). There are pros and cons for each one of these choices. Keep reading here hope you will find a way to help you decide on how to achieve this.


DFY (Done For You) or DIY (Do It Yourself):

If you like to more focus on your business or perhaps you do not have enough time to dig into web stuff and each perspective and go through the learning curve although it might not too many, then you could consider to hire the professionals help you build your website and deal with underlying database over the time under your budget; If you run a small business and you do have some time and you are willing to put your effort to figure out how things work out and are willing to learn some simple tools then probably DIY would be the right choice for you. Nowadays there are tons of website builders out there and they all provide beautiful themes and many of them are fully customizable for your unique business needs. And most beauty thing is many of those website tool’s target is how to build a free website for a small business to satisfy all your business’ needs.


Here are the steps:

  1. Choose your domain name, such as ‘’, its like online real estate name, its your online property, you own it.

Some company do offer free domain and free hosting as well. However, some free host company only offer free sub-domain (sub-domain if part of root domain, for example ‘’ which is not so good for SEO (search engine Optimization) say if you do like to rank your site later on to attract more customers. I personally used GoDaddy, it is one of the most common registrar in the world and its service is very good and it has 24/7 support and it offer cheaper price for the first year or so. Sometime you can get $1 deal for pretty good root domain, and bundle package (.com along with .net, .org etc) as well. The good quality really matter, and the account interface(if you do have multiple domains in Godaddy need to manage) is very friendly and easy to set up.

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

  1. Choose your hosting. Hosting is like a storage room for your website content to stay.

Right now eHost offer free root domain and 50% discount off the hosting, so it is pretty good deal. It also including email and free website builder tool.I personally used HosGator, it is most common hosting company and it hosts over 9 million domains, its 400000 customer can really tell its quality. It includes 99% uptime guarantee, automatic data backups, 24/7 technical support and it also have functionality like e-commerce(billing system can collect payment while the customers shops on your website). The baby plan can host unlimited domains there, it is really good deal.


Or if you prefer do domain and hosting at the same company, that’s totally fine too. GoDaddy has really good deal with both if you like to go. You can get 30% off though the link below for many products, like domain, hosting and even website all together.
30%* off! The products you love at a price that loves you back!

  1. Install WordPress and choose a free theme (you can find step by step tutorial here)
  2. Install useful plug-ins. In the beginning, you do not need more complex one, you only need All-in One SEO to be able to get your site ranked in Google later time.
  3. Build out your content on each one of those pages.

You are done, Yay!




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