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All right, you have chosen the excellent choice. I believe the FREE website will fit you for quite some time and you could taste clean and neat design, advantages of all-in-one packages, flexible apps installation, easy drag and drop functionalities, friendly use backend and much more. Great experience inside, you website is just a few mouse’s clicks away. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Launch WIX and sign up if you do not have an account yet.

Each website need to have a domain name. Consider website is real estate in the cloud. It’s like house property in the city. It has to have the name, the address for people to locate it. Your house’s address is ‘123 ABC Ave.’ you website’s name is ‘’ for example. ‘’ is the domain name.

Your website will also need a Hosting, Hosting means storage, space in the cloud. Your website need to have space to store you files, pictures and content, in some cases databases etc. It’s like you house property in reality, it needs to have land and rooms to store stuff. Hosting and Domain are 2 key components for you website.

For free website, you will get a sub-domain like ‘’ instead of root domain ‘’. Your domain and hosting will both been taken care by WIX.

Go launch WIX here   and click Start on the following screen, then sign up if you do not yet have an account as the screenshot shows below:

After you click ‘Start Now’, then click ‘Sign up’ if you do not have an account yet.

Step 2: Sign in WIX and choose the website style and template

Wix has variety of predefined website style for you to choose. In each style there will be numerous related design or template there to match the style model. Depends on what the business type and what the personal favorite you choose the best fit for you.

Try not spend too much time here, you can always change the style down the road if you do not like it anymore. For example if I choose ‘Events’ style here then go to the next screen for template.

Template is the overlooking, design, color, style or theme of you website. With the free plan you have limited templates to choose from, but it still would be more than enough for you to start off. Refer below screenshot, pick one of the favorite and you site would be ready to go.

In this case the screen will list all the templates predesigned for ‘Events’ style.

Pick the favorite template which will suit the business. When mouse hover that template, you will see two buttons with one for ‘Edit’ and another one for ‘View’

You click ‘View’ to see the online result (You will still be able to go to Edit from the top right corner of ‘View’ page as well) or click ‘Edit’ go to editing mode do modification for the website.

Once click ‘Edit’ you will then see the below screen or similar where there is a top menu (navigation) on the top and left side list of buttons and a ‘Publish’ button on the top right.



Get familiar with Page menu and navigation tool. If you click on ‘Page menu’, it will expand to show all the pages on the website’s top menu. Pick the page you like to work on.


Here you can choose the page(For the first time you can add page as well) that you want to work on. On the left-hand side, you would see an overall functional buttons as below: Background, Add, App Market etc. The first three icons are most common and most useful tools for the beginners as well.

Step 3: Change the background, Add the pages and pictures etc



Once click ‘Add’, there are many items for you to pick and add. You can add Text, Images, Videos, Gallery and Sliders etc. See screenshot below. For basic website, Text, Images and Gallery and most popular items. They should give the website basic overall looking in the beginning.

Click one by one for you desired item and repeat this steps until you add all the content, text and items on the pages.

Step 4 : Install the Site Apps

Congrats now you have you bear bone website up and running. During this step you would need install basic app to make sure you site is in good shape and will have basic functionality.

WIX provides variety of apps to enrich your site’s functionality. Depends on what you need, you can choose couple as you begin. The common used one are: Site Search, FB like, Wix Get Subscribers, Tidio Live Chat etc. Follow the screen shot below if you need one. My recommendation is you can have ‘Factbook like’ ‘Site Search’ in the beginning, this way it would be easier for your visitor to navigate your site and make your site social as soon as possible. Later on you can decide what app you need while experience more visitors.

Sometimes it will prompt you for save before you actually finish if you are the first time doing you website. In this case if you click ‘save’ it will ask you the domain (URL) questions normally it does when you finally ‘Publish’ the site. You can leave that to the final step if you want, so simply click ‘X’ on the top right for now.

Once you click ‘App Market’ you will see many apps sorted by category.

For example if you choose ‘FB like’ you can choose ‘Social’ category and add ‘FB like’

Step 5: Publish your website

Hold on tight you website are almost done. Right now you just need go back to step 4 to make sure you have all your pages/content updated before publish it. But don’t worry you can always go back update your site afterwards.

Once click ‘Publish’ you will see 2 options here, the first one is completely FREE, you will get a sub-domain. Second one is Customized domain it will cost small dollars.

Step 6: Pick your domain

If you like FREE website, type your sitename here. you will get URL as screen shows

Once you click ‘Publish’, a few seconds here, you will be done.

Congrats you now have your FREE website up and running.



If for some reason you do not like sub domain, you like customized domain/root domain, you would have to choose the second option(customized domain) here and it will prompt you for following screen as below. Upon choosing one of these(Get a new domain or Connect to a domain you already own) and it will cost you small dollars prompt for the package purchase page below too.



The best deal here is $14/month – Unlimited plan, you will have UNLIMITED bandwidth and 10GB storage. Its enough for the beginners. If you happen to running out of 10GB, then go DIY for unlimited storage will be your best bet. Just click ‘Action Steps’ tab —> DIY

Steps finished – You are Done!

Congrats you now have you FREE website done and you can jump out to hand out your business card with your website URL included. ☺

As time goes you will need go to your WIX account admin often and update your content.

Now, sit back, go to your site’s URL, relax and have fun!!

6 thoughts on “FREE Website Steps

  1. Hi Candace, great post about setting up a free website. It’s amazing how easy and quick it is these days to get it up and going compared to just a few years ago. Your post was very thorough and detailed. I think anyone could follow your post and get their site up and running. How do you think Wix compares to what WA has to offer someone?

    1. Hi Riley,

      Great input and good question as well. As WIX is pretty much drag and drop concepts that it is good for anyone especially for beginners, WA is not what everyone knows about it, also it involves a little bit more training and higher goal behind it.
      On my website, WIX is the part for those who wants their website absolutely free while I do have WA part recommendation for those who have budget with goal achieve goal for online income.

  2. I have actually looked into Wix and they have some really beautiful looking sites.
    Do you only advocate for Wix or suggest any other free website creation and hosting out there with your service?
    Ps: love the flow in the explination of the set up. Looking with my andriod and it is looking clean and sharp.

    1. Yes, Dorothy. Part of my plan is 3 approaches, FREE, DIY with little budget and BOOST business.
      I will updates those 2 shortly.
      thanks for your input.

  3. Great information. I have never used the wix free website before. I have tested out siterubix and blogger platforms. It is wonderful to know that there are options out there that will fit everyone’s needs!

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