Free Approach for your Site

All right, you have chosen the excellent choice. I believe the FREE website will fit you for quite

some time and you could taste clean and neat design, advantages of all-in- one packages, flexible

apps installation, easy drag and drop functionalities, friendly use backend and much more. Great

experience inside, your website is just a few mouse’s clicks away. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Have your Domain Name set up

Each website need to have a domain name. Consider your website is your real estate in the cloud.

It’s like your house property in the city. It has to have the name, the address for people to locate

it. Your house’s address is ‘123 ABC Ave.’, your website’s name is ‘abcDaycare.com’ for

example. ‘abcDaycare.com’ is your domain name.

For free website, you will get a sub-domain like ‘abcDaycare.wixsite.com’ instead of root

domain ‘abcDaycare.com’.

You can have either completely free sub domain (go to WIX site here and type your desired website name) or root domain here, it will tell you its availability. If its not available, it will give you recommendation as well.

Once you are done, go to the next step.


Step 2: Have your Hosting Plan set up

Hosting means storage, space in the cloud. Your website need to have space to store your files,

pictures and content, in some cases databases etc. It’s like your house property in reality, it needs

to have land and rooms to store stuff. Hosting and Domain are 2 key components for your


Step 3: Next

Now you have your domain and web hosting set up, you can follow the FREE steps here to have your website done. If you have budget, you can always refer to ‘Actions’ there are some other options plans for you as well.

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