Meet Candice

Why I Like to Help People

I know how hard it is if you do not have technical background or at least some basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript skill, some time you even get lost with overwhelmed information alone such as books, videos and tutorials. Often time you started learning something with motivation in the beginning, you kept going, you got stuck and you have no one to ask or fix the problems you may face, then you ended up put it aside.

I started my online business since 2013, things are dramatically changes over years. I met friends, customers and continued customers, then built websites for them. But nowadays things totally change, work can be divided or separated as very specific as it should be.

Programmers created so many fantastic template or platforms, they are ready to use. Many people just feel confused about where they can start or whom they can ask when problems arrive. I realized tools are becoming advanced and advanced,

If the required website is just simple as presentation without further complex functionalities some hardworking guy they do not need my technical help as much as before, with my little guidance he can do so since beginning right to the end with just few mouse clicks. I enjoy teaching or showing the exact steps to people who wanting to create simple website themselves for free and will have more time to help more complex functionalities required website or questions indeed.

People just need concentrate on their own business doing more important things matter to their business. The rest headache can go out of their to do list. Depends on what type of person you are, whether you can do all the way yourself or you need little or a bit help through your journey. I am always here to help.

By all means you can have your website completely for free if you want by following up 5 single steps here. So with my few finger tips here people would have their own site up for free. I enjoy what I am doing here and people would feel helpful and leave nice comments below in return. ☺

My Mission Statement:

-Our mission is to satisfy our customers. We are focused on our customer’s satisfaction. You can start from free website and upgrade whenever you feel comfortable and demand-able.

-We believe in great, personal customer service, even if we never have chance to meet in person.

-I believe that you don’t have to hire the expensive design firm to get professional, creative, and effective website done. We trust each other and our DIY steps(FREE, DIY and BOOST plans) truly can make your achievable website goals happen!